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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

Editor's Letter – February 2022 | News | Architonic



We made it through January. Generally speaking, not the most joyous of months for many, myself included. That said, 48 hours in Barcelona certainly helped, where a spot of winter sun and a reminder of the city's architectural offering were a real tonic. The high point for me was the beautifully expressive staircase at the late-modernista Casa Sayrach, which is home to, among others, local multidisciplinary office <a href=""><b>External Reference</b></a>. The conversation with a number of architects on the ground while I was in town included, perhaps not surprisingly, the city's economic, creative – and political – trajectory, the feeling on the part of some being that Madrid's recent architectural ascendency has been attended by a dulling of the Catalan capital's once brightly shining star. But while the pendulum may swing, creative talent remains steadfast. Barcelona is home to two of our recent <a href="https…


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