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If I asked you what the dirtiest part of your bathroom is, what would you say? You might think it’s your toilet, or maybe your sink faucet, but your shower, specifically your shower curtain and your shower floor, may be even germier. Of course, there are lots of areas vying for this particular title at any given moment, but the shower, in my mind, should not be one of them.

So today, on Day 8 of the Spring Cleaning Cure, we are going to turn our attention there. We’ll deep clean the tiles, the grout, the faucets and fixtures, the shower caddy and the curtain. When we’re done, the shower will once again be a pristine place to start the morning off right, or to unwind after a very long day. 

Day 8: Scrub the bathroom grout and deep clean your shower. 

Deep cleaning the combined grossness that is hair, dirt, and oil, plus hard water, moisture, and mold may feel daunting, but this job is actually less labor-intensive than you might think. Here’s how to do it with ease:

Remove (and wash) everything. First, take everything out of your bathtub or shower, including your shower products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.), your shower caddy, your shower curtain and liner, and your bath mat. Throw anything you can in the wash; everything else should get wiped down and rid of any soap scum. 

Scrub your shower. Use a dedicated shower cleaner or just dish soap and a scrub brush (one of those that looks like an iron) to get the surface of your shower clean. If your shower is looking particularly grimey, you may want to spray your shower with your cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub. 

Put everything back. Once you’ve scrub, scrub, scrubbed, put everything back in place and take a minute to appreciate just how clean your shower now is — and how much better you’ll feel the next time you step in it.

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