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Dash Express Dog Treat Maker Review


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I feel I can speak for most pet owners when I say there’s nothing quite as fun as spoiling our furry friends. From picking up a new toy to signing them up for a fun subscription box, there are so many ways to treat your pet to something special nowadays. A few months back, I was on the hunt for a fun Christmas present for our family dog, Marty. Like any dog, Marty loves to beg for people food, and while we’re generally good about not feeding him from the table, there’s one thing we always share: pancakes. (What can I say — the dog loves breakfast foods!) So you can imagine the joy that overcame me when I discovered a pet product that was seemingly made with a breakfast-loving dog in mind: the Dash Express Dog Treat Maker.

At first glance, this dog treat maker looks a lot like a waffle maker — until you open it and reveal eight adorable dog bone cutouts designed to be filled with homemade dog treat batter. To use, simply preheat the device, fill the bone slots with the batter of your choice, and wait for your treats to cook. The outside of the machine features an adorable dog-themed pattern, while the nonstick surface makes cooking (and cleaning up) a breeze. A dream for pet parents with picky pooches and pups with sensitivities, it’s one of the easiest ways I’ve come across to make adorable homemade dog bones without any nasty ingredients.

To keep in line with the breakfast theme, I decided to cook these treats for Marty on a Saturday morning. I used a recipe featuring two of his favorite ingredients: peanut butter and pumpkin. Once I preheated the device, mixed the batter, and added some cooking spray, I filled each dog bone, closed the lid, and eagerly waited. Only five minutes later, I opened the dog treat maker to find eight perfectly golden brown biscuits. (I’m used to homemade dog treats taking about 25-30 minutes to cook, so this was a revelation!) After cooling them on a wire rack, I bent down to a very excited pooch and watched as Marty devoured the dog bone. Yeah, safe to say I’d found his new favorite breakfast treat.

A word to the wise: As with most new cooking tools, there is a learning curve to figuring out how much batter you should be using. I found that filling it to just below the lip of the cutout ensured a perfect bone every time. As Dash recommends in the user’s guide, I still used cooking spray even though the device features a non-stick coating.

The Dash Express Dog Treat Maker retails at just under $30 and comes with a recipe guide for easy-to-make sweet and savory dog treats, many of which you can whip up with ingredients readily found in most kitchens. Best of all, five percent of proceeds will go to supporting North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. Now that’s a treat.

Buy: Dash Express Dog Treat Maker, $29.74

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