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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

Cubicles Vs Open Offices: What do you Need?



Figuring out the right plan for your office is one of the essential things you need to do to ensure productivity. The modern office layout is divided into several structures. From cubicle structures to Open floor plans to Hybrid layouts. All of these workplace structures have their own way of making your office a place of optimal productivity. Ideally, the choice of layout is dependent on the kind of operation you are running. 

Do your employees need to constantly interact with each other or work segregated to achieve the best results? 

Things like these will determine your office floor plan. Also an important element to consider is the amount of floor space available. Making optimal use of space is also something that you need to consider when chalking out your office space design

We are going to be looking at and comparing two office layouts that are polar opposites of each other. 

The Cubicle Layout

The cubicle layout is one of the most popular and widely used office layouts. It has been in use since its inception in the 1970s. The fact that this particular layout has survived for so long and has helped so many businesses flourish is proof itself of its effectiveness. The cubicle layout is integrated in different ways in the modern office space. The traditional cubicle structure, which consists of three cubicle walls around a workspace, is definitely still in use. However, the use of glass as a material for these walls has become a popular choice. There is a reason behind such a choice. Cubicles can be claustrophobic and restrict interaction between employees. For this reason the use of opaque structures like wood, have been replaced with glass, to give employees the privacy and silence they require while not limiting interaction with their fellow employees. 

A cubicle office is one of the most effective structures ever created. The advantages of having a cubicle office are as follows. 

Advantages Of A Cubicle Office

  • Equitable Workplace: Everyone has the exact same amount of space regardless of their position. 
  • Personal Workplace: Employees have the opportunity to express themselves freely owing to the fact that they have their own space. They also have the option of 
  • More Productivity– Cubicles have proven to create a more productive work environment. 
  • More Privacy – Cubicles offer more privacy than any other workspace. 
  • Socially Distanced Workplace: In light of current times, cubicle structures are perfect to maintain social distancing in the workplace

Open Office Layout

An open office layout does not integrate any personal spaces and promotes a collaborative workplace. The biggest drawback of this particular layout is this itself. An open office has the tendency to be noisy and distracting. Employees need silent places to work. For this problem, the level of efficiency tends to be more in a cubicle layout than an open office. However, the integration of cubicle walls or free standing dividers is a common inclusion in open office layouts. 

Hybrid office spaces are all the rage specially for hipster startups. The entire idea of a collaborative workspace, where ideas can be bounced off fellow employees is something that this kind of a layout encourages. Without dividers and movable walls, there is also a severe lack of privacy in this layout. 

Advantages Of An Open Office Layout 

Collaborative Workspace: This schematic ideal for group based or team based projects. Employees have the luxury of bouncing ideas off each other. 

Flexible Workspace: Open offices are flexible, you can work anywhere you want to. In certain situations this can be an issue, however, for people who like to work in flexible spaces.Aesthetically Pleasing: Open offices look really cool and hip. 

The Right Office Space

Choosing the right office space depends on your business. A hybrid office space gives you the option of integrating an open office layout with a cubicle layout. Our experts can help choose and design the layout for your office. We cater to businesses in Central and South Florida. Visit our website now for more information on office layouts. 


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