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2 April 2022
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Clean Your Tools – Spring Cleaning Cure 2022


Today’s task is going to prepare you for a few days of even deeper cleaning — the fun stuff! But before we talk about that, let’s take a minute to appreciate what you’ve already done so far this week: You’ve cleaned high and low, made your favorite window sparkle, and rid your trash can of pesky, lingering odors. You’ve looked outside, taken some deep breaths in and out, and loved your home a little more. That’s pretty great. 

Okay, now on to our Day 5 Spring Cleaning Cure assignment: cleaning your cleaning tools. It’s possible that you are the kind of person who cleans their cleaning tools after every use. Your brooms and brushes are totally free of dust bunnies! Your vacuum cleaner has a brand-new HEPA filter and empty bag! Your dustpan is so clean you could eat off of it! If this is you, congratulations: You have the day off. 

If, on the other hand, you’re wondering what a HEPA filter is and if your vacuum has one, read on. Prepare to be amazed by how much more effective your cleaning tools are — and how much easier cleaning is after today.

Day 5: Clean your cleaning tools.

Most cleaning tools are relatively easy to clean. Let’s handle those first and work our way up to the most challenging one (spoiler: it’s your vacuum).

Clean your rags, microfiber cloths, and gloves. Toss anything you can safely wash in the washing machine. While you’re waiting, move onto the next step.

Clean your brooms and brushes. Swish brooms and brushes in some warm, soapy water. Repeat as needed until the water doesn’t get visibly dirty. (If it’s been a while, this may take a few cycles). Let them air dry.  

Clean your dustpans and buckets. Soapy water works well here too. If you want to go the extra mile, use a disinfectant solution or wipe after cleaning and drying. 

Clean your vacuum cleaner. First, clean the brush rollers and accessory tools. A seam ripper is great for removing hair, fur, and other debris. Next, wipe down the interior of the canister, or, if it’s a bagless unit, rinse it out and set it out to dry. If you need a new bag or a new filter, do that now. Finally, wipe down the exterior with a dampened cloth.

Pay attention over the next fews days to how much more efficient it feels to clean with clean tools and maybe make a mental note to do it a bit more often.  

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