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Clean the Kitchen Trash Can – Spring Cleaning Cure 2022


You know how I said, a few weeks back, that spring cleaning could be fun? Well, I can’t honestly claim that today’s task is going to be enjoyable (sorry), but I can promise you it will be deeply satisfying. And it won’t take long either.

I think of this stinky chore as akin to going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Sitting in the dentist’s chair is never anyone’s favorite thing to do, but that feeling when you get out of the dentist? So, so good.

What is it I’m talking about, you ask? On Day 3, we’re going to clean (and disinfect) the kitchen garbage can. When we’re done, it will be odor-free, germ-free, and look spiffy and new. It may even prompt people to ask you if you’ve done something different with your kitchen. They won’t be able to put their finger on it, but they’ll feel it too: Somehow, your kitchen will just feel fresher and cleaner.

Day 3: De-stink your kitchen garbage can.

I’m aware that everyone’s garbage can is a little different. Many of you will have a freestanding trash can. Maybe it has an insert; maybe it has multiple inserts. Personally, I have an under-the-sink solution with two bins, one for recycling and one for garbage. Regardless, we’re going to give your garbage can a thorough de-stinking.

Vacuum your garbage can and inserts. I like to start this task with my vacuum to get up all the crumbs and coffee grinds and anything that’s loose and easily hoovered up. Do this with both the trash can itself and any inserts. (And, it goes without saying, take the trash and recycling out before you get out your vacuum.)

Clean your garbage can inserts. Next, clean your garbage-can inserts with soapy water and a sponge or microfiber cloth. For particularly sticky areas, you may need a cleaning agent with some abrasion. Rinse with water (a hose with a spray nozzle attachment works well, but isn’t necessary) and let air dry.

Clean your garbage can. Your liners take most of the abuse, but it’s still a good idea to give your actual garbage can another pass. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it down and a brush to dislodge anything stubborn that’s stuck on the inside. Once you’re finished, you may want to vacuum it one more time. If your garbage can is stainless steel, try this reader-approved trick for a streak-free finish on the outside of the can.

Disinfect your garbage can and inserts. Use a disinfectant wipe or spray and get all the surfaces, inside and out. While you’re waiting for the disinfectant to work (about five minutes), clean the area around your garbage can (the floor underneath it, the wall behind it, etc.), so that your newly-clean garbage can has a newly-clean spot to go back to.

Be honest: How good do you feel right now?

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