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27 February 2022
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27 February 2022

Ciao, America. Pedrali opens in US | News | Architonic


Want to hear a joke? What's the difference between America and yoghurt? Answer: leave yoghurt alone for 200 years and it will develop a culture. I jest, of course. I'm a Brit and it's in our DNA to rib our US cousins. I genuinely love America and spent some time living stateside, which I thoroughly enjoyed. <a href="">Pedrali</a>, that powerhouse Italian brand that's made a name for itself in the manufacturing of innovative, industrially produced furniture, also loves the States, as evinced by the recent opening of its new Chicago showroom. Wise to the current tendency among American architects and interior designers for a renewed appreciation of European design – not only in their work 'at home', so to speak, but also their projects internationally – <a href="">Pedrali</a> is using the new space, as company CEO Monica Pedrali puts it, ‘to depict various types of environments,…


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