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Chlöe Bailey: Step Inside Her Serene Los Angeles Home | Architectural Digest


Truth be told, Chlöe Bailey isn’t often at home. The singer-songwriter and actress, now known mononymously as Chlöe, operates on a very tight schedule. That means the majority of her time requires moving from one setting to the next—whether it’s meetings at the Parkwood Entertainment office, recording sessions in the studio, modeling for a photo shoot, or serving looks on the red carpet. However, when those long days are over, there’s a Los Angeles sanctuary Chlöe designed, working with West Elm, in which she can find respite from the demands of her very busy life.

The 1,300-square-foot apartment represents a new chapter in her so-called adult life. Having grown up in Atlanta, the 23-year-old cherishes the cozy roots of Southern comfort. “That piece of me is definitely in the apartment,” Chlöe explains via Zoom. “I think where L.A. comes in is that view,” she adds, referencing her first adult home’s stunning vista. “You can’t really avoid it, especially with the Hollywood sign. I always want things to feel warm and light—that’s what I take from my family home.”

As for her apartment’s aesthetic, Chlöe’s vision was simple: a zen space that felt “elegant, chic, and elevated,” while simultaneously radiating “boss bitch” energy. It’s a reflection of all the qualities that she embodies: confidence, ambition, and warmheartedness. (Can you tell that her sun is in Cancer?) Working closely with her godmother, who conveniently lives a few minutes away, it took about five months to design the apartment after Chlöe moved in last July. “It was so much fun because I always loved her home and her style,” she says of Joh. “[Now] it’s like I have a piece of her with me.”

From there, Chlöe collaborated with West Elm to add simple but striking statement pieces in neutral and warm tones. Her favorite colors, from a range of moody blues to the brass of a media console and its decorative, eye-catching objects, can be seen heavily represented throughout the space. Overall, the experience of furnishing the home was a relatively painless process that didn’t require too much heavy lifting. Toward the end of last December, the entire apartment finally felt complete.


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