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CB2 Art Find: Unique Black and White Print


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While I normally just scroll through the furniture, I have to note that CB2’s online art section is pretty amazing as well. Looking through this portion of the website one evening, I came across a super fun find that I knew would fit perfectly with my apartment decor. Titled “Elva III,” it was just $30 and celebrates the power of the number one — which I’ve always loved because my birthday is the first of August. Talk about meant to be, right? 

I bought the piece without a specific area in mind to display it, and luckily, I’ve found that it looks great in a couple different areas of my home. Because it’s only 8 by 10 inches, it fits well on my built-in shelving, where I love to layer in artwork and trinkets alongside my books. My bedroom also has lots of black and white in it, and I’ve played around with the art on my nightstand, too. I think leaning artwork on a nightstand is underrated; doing so can add a casual yet collected feel that is perfect for any sleep space. Just incorporate some other black and white accessories into the vignette and you’re golden. 

I’ll admit that I’m generally not super into mass-produced prints from chain stores, simply because I’ve learned that you can find so many amazing original works of art across the internet without spending too much money. But in my opinion, this piece honestly has the appearance of a one-of-a-kind item. And as any art lover knows, frames don’t come cheap; I usually have to spend $20 to $30 minimum to find one I love. So the fact that this piece was just $30 total, frame included, really made it a no-brainer! 

The piece I selected is part of a larger collection of similar prints, and you can scoop up all six for $179 framed. If you’re looking for an easy gallery wall fix or need some art to display above your desk or dresser, this would be a stylish choice. If only I had more available wall space!


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