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Case study: WOLF's luxury cases for watches and jewellery | News | Architonic


Let’s hear it for the box. Though frequently the part of a present or purchase we tear through to get to the prize, the more precious the contents, the more precise and valuable the role of the container. And with the increased chance that you will see more of the box than the boxed as you go about your daily life, there’s all the more reason for the container itself to sometimes become the prize. Appreciation of a well-crafted box is, of course, nothing new. Demand for beautiful cases to contain his silver wares is what initially drove the German silversmith, Philip Wolf, to start a business in 1834. ‘It is logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality case.’ he declared at the time. His family’s thirst to innovate, refine and evolve the box ever since is what has turned <a href="">WOLF</a>, now in its fifth generation, into a leading producer of watch winders, jewellery boxes and safes. Tho…


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