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Casa Antillón pairs foam and steel in design of Madrid's Mood hair salon

Mood hair salon in Madrid features galvanised steel elements mint green ceilings and arched mirrors

Spanish studio Casa Antillón has incorporated galvanised steel elements throughout this hair salon in Madrid, which features bold mint-green ceilings sprayed with insulation foam.

Prior to becoming the Mood hair salon, the five-by-ten-metre unit was an empty shell with barely finished walls and floors.

Perforated steel screen in front of neon sign saying Mood hair salon
Mood’s interior incorporates galvanised steel panels

Casa Antillón was tasked with finding a simple yet effective way to make this blank space more visually impactful.

The studio, which is led by Marta Ochoa, Ismael López, Emmanuel Álvarez and Yosi Negrín, responded by completely covering the facade of the salon and large swathes of its interior with sheets of galvanised steel.

Mood hair salon in Madrid features galvanised steel elements mint green ceilings and arched mirrors
Styling is done in front of large arched mirrors

“It was the client’s proposal to work with an old friend of their family who is a construction expert in metallic solutions,” Casa Antillón told Dezeen.

“The project aims for a maximum exploitation of the resources to build an iconic and quality space.”

Green ceiling covered in insulation foam in interior by Casa Antillon
Insulation foam was sprayed onto the ceiling to create a bumpy finish

Steel was used to line the salon’s street-facing wall and a deep-set box seat that was constructed around the front window.

Metal panels also cover the rear wall, camouflaging a pair of silver-coloured doors that lead to the staff office and customer toilet.

Most of Mood’s remaining surfaces are finished in a complementary shade of light grey, while the ceiling was sprayed with insulation foam to create a bumpy texture and painted mint green.

Casa Antillón applied the same colour to the salon’s support columns and the thick ceiling beam that runs along the length of the interior in order to “accentuate its longitudinal axis”.

Mint green column next to galvanised steel panel in Mood hair salon
Silver doors blend into the salon’s rear wall

Sectioned off from the rest of the floor plan by curved steel screens, one side of the salon is given over to a dye lab where staff can mix up unique hair colours.

The other side of the room houses a trio of arched backlit mirrors, each accompanied by a black styling chair.

Man holding out a shampoo bottle behind a perforated steel screen in interior by Casa Antillon
The street-facing wall and window seat are also lined with steel panels

Just behind are a couple of hair washing stations and a slim steel shelf that holds shampoos and conditioners.

Towards the front of the salon there’s also a small waiting area, dressed with shapely black armchairs and a metal-framed coffee table.

Woman and dog in waiting room of Mood hair salon with black armchairs and round metallic table
Black armchairs feature in the waiting area

Other striking hair salons include Qali in Vancouver, which was designed by Studio Roslyn to evoke the mood of 1980s Miami, and Mitch Studio in Melbourne, which designer Danielle Brustman outfitted with sunny yellow interiors.

The photography is by Imagen Subliminal.

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