How De Vorm paved the way – with PET Felt
21 April 2022
Kitchen of the Week: A Colorful Custom Kitchen in Hertfordshire (with a Tight Budget and Even Tighter Space)
21 April 2022

Building blocks for the office future | News | Architonic

<a href=>De Vorm</a>'s designs have always recognised that the best workplaces offer flexibility while being comprehensively fit for purpose. As the office is increasingly engineered around there-when-you-need-to-be intention rather than there-out-of-obligation routine, De Vorm’s design offer the essential building blocks for designers and architects to create offices exactly suited to multiple purposes and common goals. De Vorm’s designs can create spaces for collaboration and creativity, for video conferencing (now a permanent fixture of working life), for flow-state deep work and for the essential social interactions that cement a collective culture. The LJ and Hale series of PET Felt <a href=>stacking chairs</a>, <a href=>armchairs</a> and <a href=https://www.architonic…

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