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1 May 2022
Norway's remote Hotel Finse 1222 undergoes subtle update by Snøhetta
2 May 2022

Bring kitchens to life with open storage products


Permanently open cabinets such as the Free Uunder range from Rossana, meanwhile, can make it easier to keep a tidy kitchen with storage aids such as racks for glasses, jars and wine bottles. With no doors, the cabinets have no door swing, meaning they can fit directly above the worktop, for easier access.

Taller kitchen users, for whom high storage is far easier than low, may prefer to stack open cabinets up high, while for their more vertically-challenged co-habitants, the extra height is still usable and accessible via stepladders. The solid-oak Step stained ladder from Design House Stockholm, for example, is just 5cm deep when folded up, and comes with an oak hook to keep it in place.


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