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Boss Design: adapting to the demands of flexible workspaces | News | Architonic


The demands and expectations of the workplace have shifted dramatically over the last two years. The mission statement of the office is being re-drafted and its role and function re-defined. Mark Barrell, Design Director at global furniture manufacturer <a href="">Boss Design</a>, argues that the advance of hybrid or blended work – and 80 per cent of Boss’ clients have adopted that model – means that offices must become 'destination spaces', or rather a series of different destination spaces.

Crucially, Barrell says, time in the shared workplace is now less a matter of routine and prescribed shifts than purpose. And people will need different types of workspace depending on that purpose. <a href="">Boss</a>’ clients include Google, Microsoft, British Airways and PwC so Barrell has a pretty good insight into the needs of the market. ‘People are going to get more choic…


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