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BoConcept London’s tailormade B2B2C solutions accommodate both homeowners and developers

With its own section in the prestigious department store Harrods, the London franchise of Danish furniture brand BoConcept marks the company’s level of ambition in the UK market. In and around London, its nine retail shops lie within easy reach of their clients, whether they be end-consumers or professionals. ‘We’ve experienced an incredible interest, and I believe there’s a good reason for that,’ says Business and Contract Director, Michel Baumgart. ‘London is a bustling and very diverse metropolitan city, and while we represent a company with strong international brand recognition, people here notice us and already know what BoConcept stands for.’

That type of acknowledgement plays an important role when it comes to creating customer trust and building up new partnerships across the architecture- and construction industries. ‘Our internal design team often collaborates with interior designers as a partner, offering support in guiding them through our range of services and products. We have a specific team dedicated to giving this type of assistance. Our contract team participates in tenders and have been fortunate to win projects which offer us the chance to demonstrate what makes BoConcept a serious and unique partner,’ continues Baumgart.

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