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Best Oversized Lamps and Pendant Lights for Living Room


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When it comes to lighting trends right now, bigger is better. Dainty wall sconces and perfectly-proportioned pendants are making way for playful, outlandish ratios lamps and fixtures. If you have a sense of humor when it comes to decor, this might just be the trend for you.

I noticed the oversized lamp trend when Justina Blakeney dropped her Opalhouse x Jungalow rattan lamp for Target in the summer of 2021. Dubbed a floor lamp, it looks like a table lamp that went through the TikTok face stretch filter. Even though it was officially earmarked for the floor, design enthusiasts were quick to put it on consoles, desks, and side tables, even if the piece dwarfed the furniture around it. And I was hooked. If you’re in the mood to break some rules while refreshing your interior design, here are some big lamps and pendants to add instant drama to your space.

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