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The bedrooms started as empty spaces with bare white floors and walls, and the bathrooms were similarly barren. Each team added their own serene spin to the bedrooms, but the greatest upgrades — according to judges Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab”) and Page Turner (“Fix My Flip”) — came with how they redesigned the bathrooms and off-bedroom closet spaces. 

The two standouts came from Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson (“Married to Real Estate”) and Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb (“Unsellable Houses”), who completely transformed their respective spaces into relaxing getaways with spacious ensuite bathrooms and ample closet space.

Sherrod and Jackson went for “tranquility” in their bedroom suite and scored major points with the judges for adding antique wooden bathroom doors to an otherwise contemporary space. The couple enlarged the closet into a white, boutique-like room able to store even a bonafide fashionista’s wardrobe. The closet came with display built-ins, which featured eye-pleasing integrated lighting. They also added a second, smaller closet for additional storage. 

The bathroom was “spa” themed, with twin shower heads, a double chandelier, and a full-blown vanity. They utilized pebbled tile (keeping in line with the home’s coastal theme) throughout the entire bathroom space, including the shower floor, which made the room feel bigger. The duo, who won the previous week’s challenge, put their extra prize money into “smart shower” features, which made the whole ensuite into a state-of-the-art space. 

Davis and Lamb were also applauded for their mastery of the bathroom. The twin sisters redesigned the massive area with a variety of tiles, both on the floors and the walls (using black, white, and a calming green). They also separated the water closet and sink area from the bath and shower area with a see-through glass door and wall, creating a “wet room” that was popular with the judges. 

Their greatest triumph, however, was in their enlarged closet. The closet seamlessly blended with the dark, calming bedroom colors. The pair expanded their space by building into the back porch area and providing an overall increase in square footage to the house. With the larger space, they were able to add an additional washer and dryer (the second set of laundry units in their home).

The two added reclaimed wood to the walls (part of their weekly design challenge), which the judges said helped make the closet into more of a unisex space. The renovation also provided open shelving with multiple hanging heights, which allows for the storage and display of a variety of clothing. The additional 50-square-feet of closet space was a game-changer and upped the property value, which is the overall goal in any renovation.

“Rock the Block” airs new episodes on Mondays at 9/8 central on HGTV and Discovery+.


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