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Bearaby Hugget Review: The Stress-Relieving Pillow That’s Chic and Comforting


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In today’s nonstop world, it’s become nearly impossible to unplug when it’s time to hit the hay. Like many people, I’ve tried just about every product that aims to help you fall asleep faster — and stay asleep — but most don’t make the final cut in my sleeping routine (earplugs, a silk eye mask, and some white noise machines to name a few). One sleep-inducing product that actually passed my test with flying colors? Bearaby’s ridiculously popular weighted blanket. This innovative blanket also quickly became a coveted bedtime (and napping!) staple with a bunch of Apartment Therapy editors, and recently, the brand introduced a new game-changing item that’s just as comforting and cozy as its Insta-famous blanket. Say hello to Hugget, Bearaby’s incredibly cute new weighted pillow. It basically feels like you’re hugging a cloud!

Bearaby’s stress-relieving pillow is the perfect companion to the brand’s revolutionary weighted blankets. The Hugget is knotted by hand and designed with a responsive, plant-based Melofoam that’s super satisfying to touch. It’s a bit weighted, too, so it’s the ultimate sensory accessory that looks just as good as it feels. And since it’s available in five stunning colors and three sizes, you can choose the perfect combo for your space.

With Bearaby’s editor-approved history and the pillow’s eye-catching design, a few AT editors were eager to give this new product a try. Up first, my verdict: I tried the medium-sized Hugget in Moonstone Grey, which coordinates with my Cloud White Bearaby Cotton Napper beautifully. The main reason I was so excited to get my hands on the Hugget is because I was one of those kids who couldn’t part with their stuffed animals while sleeping. Finally, in my tweens, I decided it was time to ditch my beloved plush toys when going to bed, but since then, I’ve often felt a void when trying to fall asleep. The Hugget is basically the grown-up version that gives me the same comfort.

If you plan on hugging this stress-relieving pillow while catching some Zzz’s, I’d recommend buying a small, as the medium is just a bit cumbersome to hold. However, the medium size is ideal for resting in your lap during the day. I love to squeeze it when I’m stressed and need a moment of comfort. Plus, the interwoven design adds a pop of texture and visual interest to my bed (or sometimes, my loveseat).

AT’s assistant shopping editor, Britt, is also a fan of the Hugget (she tried the Evening Rose in a medium) and says it’s “unlike any other pillow I’ve had before.” She loves that it’s surprisingly calming to squeeze, thanks to the squishy foam interior. “I’ve never been one to notice any actual effects from a typical stress ball, but the Hugget totally changed that for me. Who knew comfort could be found in a handful of snuggly loops?”

To round things out, AT’s style editor, Blair, gives the Hugget a glowing review, too. She had heard other editors rave about Bearaby’s weighted blankets, so she couldn’t wait to test out the Hugget pillow. “I mean, even the name sounds adorably cozy,” she says. “And adorably cozy it is. I was surprised at how soft and stylish the pillow was when I first got it, and I’ve honestly slept with it every night since. Just as its name suggests, it’s the perfect size for, well, hugging. Not to mention, the Cloud White color looks amazing styled on my bed.”

Whether you’re having trouble getting a restful slumber or want an elevated stress ball for those frantic moments during the day, the Hugget is the little lifesaver you never knew you needed. Just looking at it makes me smile!


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