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15 March 2022
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15 March 2022

Bath with a view: eight uncommon places to put the tub | News | Architonic


Blending together various competing functionalities in a restricted space, <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/bath/0/3210006/1">bathroom</a> design can feel like banging your head against a <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/wall-tiles/0/3239821/1">tile</a> wall. The <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/bathtubs/0/3232900/1">bathtub</a> itself is often tucked away in a shadowy corner, ensuring space for other <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/bathroom-fixtures/0/3221625/1">primary elements</a>, but by making the tub the hero, either with <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/free-standing/0/3247797/1">central positioning</a> or by bravely breaking the concept of the bath ‘room’ entirely, a more tranquil solution can be found. <b>Centre stage</b> If the square metres allow it, a <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/free-standing/0/3247797/1">centrally-positioned bathtub</a> becomes the hero of the <a href="https://w…


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