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26 February 2022
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Architonic's most-viewed projects of 2021: Retail interiors | News | Architonic


Part of our look back on the most-visited project pages of 2021, the list below reveals the top retail renovations of the year, all bursting with creativity, colour and commercial conception. <b>1. Toyou Bookstore</b> by <a href="">Wutopia Lab</a> Based on the Big and Little You mountains – where literary texts were said to have been saved from destruction by the Qin Shi Huang empire, entering customers are immediately met by Little You, protecting the newest, most popular works. While the rest of the literary categories are to be found scattered throughout the <a href="">store</a>’s remaining snugs and chambers. <b>2. Cabinet Barbiere</b> by <a href="">Bogdanova Bureau</a> <a href="">Cabinet Barbiere</a> provi…


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