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15 February 2023
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15 February 2023

Architekturfestival TURN ON | Architecture | Architonic


The geopolitical events of last year shook the world to its foundations. As a result, many areas of life have to be rethought. Society is at a "turning point" – with eminent consequences also for architecture. At this turning point, already familiar themes become more relevant and inevitable: ecologisation, regionalisation, alternative energy systems, but also recycling up to and including cradle to cradle. On another level, it becomes increasingly a matter of densifying building structures, reusing and transforming them instead of building new ones; on yet another level, it is a matter of innovative functional and spatial typologies. At the same time, constants in the development of building cultures such as space, construction, light, materiality and atmosphere are relevant and represent a common thread of the festival over the years. The programme of <a href="https://www.turn-on.at/turn-on_23/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">TURN ON 2023</a> will revolve around and illuminate these…


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