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Amazing Window Styles For Windows Replacement Richmond Hill


One of the easiest ways to improve your curb appeal is getting windows replacement Richmond Hill. The windows are the mirrors of the home, and how they look reflects your home too. When your windows are old, they are ugly and will have people assuming that your home is ugly as well. This also applies to when your windows are new and attractive, so basically, the decision is yours to make.

When considering windows replacement Richmond Hill, you will have to decide on the window’s style. There are so many window styles in the market, and this may be a challenging decision to make. Read further on the best styles of windows Richmond Hill that you may come across.

Windows For Cape Cod Styles

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Cape Cod homes can be described as homes with pitched roofs at the top. Another feature that stands out for Cape Cod homes is the porch found on the front doors.

This home style also has a fireplace, considered to be the central point of the home. This means that from the exterior, you get to see a chimney popping from somewhere in the middle of the roof.

The best windows to buy if you consider replacing Richmond Hill is the patio windows. For the Cape Cod homes, the best idea would be to put two windows where one goes to one side of the door and the other window to the remaining side. You can also include a dormer window at the top of the door to elevate the style further.

Double-opening windows for this style also offer the best ventilation and do not create contrast with the Cape Cod home style.

Tudor Home Style

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The Tudor style is timeless and has shown no signs of being outdated so far. Tudor home style is identified by arched entryways combined with dark-trimmed narrow windows. Such homes are also associated with several wood features that are normally exposed.

If considering window replacement Richmond Hill for the Tudor style, one of the greatest options is the casement windows. These windows are considered a good design that perfectly emphasizes the height of this home and simultaneously compliments the architectural design.

To elevate the curb appeal further for this home, you can coordinate the casement windows with picture windows. You should combine these two designs in groups of two and perfectly install them in the exposed timbers of this home design.

Colonial Home Style

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These homes are considered to have a wide variety of styles due to the fact there were different colonial empires in different parts of the world.

The most common feature is that they are more than two stories in height and also are designed with several chimneys. The best design for windows replacement Richmond Hill in this case, is the double-hung windows due to their ventilation features which are required for these big homes.

The double-hung windows also coordinate well with the architectural design of this home style. You can also balance the double-hung windows with patio doors for further ventilation purposes.

Victorian Home Styles

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This home can be defined by the ornate décor that can’t go unnoticed. The décor features very outstanding details that make this type of home unique.

To match the décor features of this home style, the best windows would be bay and bow windows. These windows perfectly coordinate with the ornate style, and the fact that they leave room for customization makes them a better option.

To complement the window design, you can also install French sliding doors. For this style, it is important to pay attention to aspects such as the frame material and the grids that are installed during window replacement Richmond Hill. This is because they need to blend in with the ornate style and not outdo it.

The Bungalow Style

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This is currently the classic home style for most people. This is currently an affordable home style for most homeowners. The distinguishing feature of this home is the front porch. To complement the features of this style when doing windows replacement Richmond Hill, consider awning windows. These windows have an amazing way of creating patterns with the definitive features of this style.


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