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Adele’s Houses: Inside Her Impressive Real Estate Portfolio

In January 2008, Adele burst onto the music scene with her debut album, 19, and her chart-topping hit “Hometown Glory.” She reportedly penned it while sharing a flat with her mother in south London. Now, more than a decade later, her ode to her humble beginnings feels even more poignant given how far she’s come. In the years since she won her first Grammy (for Best New Artist), she’s amassed countless other awards and recognitions, with a real estate portfolio to match her rising celebrity status. Presently, the “Easy on Me” singer owns several multi-million dollar homes in the U.K. and United States, and has rented properties in West Sussex, NYC, and Beverly Hills, including a mansion that previously belonged to Paul McCartney. Not too bad for a self-professed “homebody” who has garnered countless fans for her being so grounded and her singular dedication to her craft. Below, we’ve rounded up some of Adele’s houses. 


In 2006, Adele landed a record deal and moved into a flat in Notting Hill. Not much is known about that pad, but five years later, after the success of her first album, 19, and the release of her second album, 21, she decided that she needed a little more space and privacy. She began renting a country mansion in West Sussex known as Lock House, which boasts a nearly 20,000-square-foot main house with 13 bedrooms nestled into acres and acres of private woods and rolling hills. The mansion was originally built in the early 1900s in a Victorian style, but a 1930s extension and renovation added an Art Deco vibe. Amenities include an indoor and an outdoor pool, a wood-paneled drawing room, a tennis court and pavilion, and even a helicopter hangar. The singer paid around $20,000 a month for her stay there.


Adele’s first bigger home purchase was a $3.4 million Art Deco villa in the seaside city of Portslade, near Brighton. She and then-partner Simon Konecki bought the two-story residence and then reportedly spent a good deal of time and effort updating and upgrading the property, which includes a double-height atrium, a seaside terrace, and four bedrooms with a walk-in closet and dressing room in the primary bedroom. She ultimately sold the place for $3.7 million, in 2016, after largely relocating to the States.

Also in 2012, she set down roots in London with the purchase of two side-by-side Kensington homes for approximately $7.7 million and $7.3 million, respectively, with plans to eventually combine the two. The singer was also rumored to have bought a home for her mother in the area for around $817,000.

A few months later, Adele started looking into the possibility of moving her family stateside. While she continued to keep an eye out for the perfect Beverly Hills pad, she temporarily rented out Sir Paul McCartney’s former home, a 12,000-square-foot behemoth with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a vintage bowling alley in the basement, and a huge bar and wine cellar on the lower level, ideal for get-togethers. It’s unclear how much Adele paid to rent the mansion.

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