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Add a Dose of Violet to Your Life | Architectural Digest


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I just returned from an incredible trip to Mexico City. It was one of those places I’ve had on my travel list for years and heard so many great things about. I thought my expectations could be dashed by all the hyperbolic exclamations—but no, it was spectacular. A bonus element to the trip was the perfect timing with the peak blooming of jacaranda trees. The city was overwhelmed with purple splendor! March and April are the time to see the spring bloom.

A friend told me this interesting history lesson as we strolled around eating tacos: In 1920, Mexican president Álvaro Obregón decided to plant jacaranda trees in the main avenues of Mexico City and commissioned Tatsugoro Matsumoto, an imperial gardener from Tokyo—one of the first Japanese immigrants arriving in Mexico in the 1890s—to oversee the work. The trees were signified to solidify the relationship between Japan and Mexico. Initially, the plan was to plant cherry blossoms, but since those were not suited for the climate, Tatsugoro recommended the jacaranda tree, which is native to Brazil.

So, in honor of the beautiful, blue-purple blooms, I thought I’d round up some favorite violet designs.

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