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22 March 2022
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AD100 Designer Corey Damen Jenkins Debuts His First Line of Fabrics and Wallpapers


“During the pandemic, so many people didn’t have an opportunity to interact much with nature – with crisp green grass, with beautiful skies,” says Corey Damen Jenkins. “They were stuch in their gray and beige apartments the whole time, and they developed a whole new appreciation of color and pattern.” Say hello to Trad Nouveau, the AD100 designer’s debut collection of fabrics and wallpaper, which he created for Kravet’s luxurious Kravet Couture label. Ranging from a romantic floral to a jazzy geometric to a subtle strié, the 10 new patterns are offered in vibrant jewel tones—ruby, sapphire, emerald, gold, and more—as well as executed in velvet, embroidery, and chenille. There is even a digital-print-on-cotton-velvet texture that recalls hand- painted Venetian papers. “It speaks to where we are at today,” Jenkins explains, though, he notes, neutrals are part of the package. The “joyful and exuberant” mix, he adds, “is meant to speak to the masses—it had to be timeless, sexy, modern, and fresh, but also suit everyone.” Count Jenkins among them, at least from an imaginative standpoint. His favorite of the designs he developed in collaboration with Kravet’s team is Symphony, a spirited floral with what he calls “a 21st-century twist”: The texture is matte rather than shiny, the background variegated rather than solid. “That fabric really set the whole creative process into motion,” Jenkins explains. “I hope that people can design a whole room from this collection,” mixing and matching not only the patterns but also the colors, from neutral to not. Himself included, Jenkins points out: “I have kept a guest room in my apartment naked just for this moment.” kravet.com

AD100 Designer Corey Damen Jenkins with fabrics from his new collection for Kravet.

Donna Dotan


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