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A Wine Fridge Will Keep Your Bottles Perfectly Chilled | Architectural Digest


Whether you’re a wine enthusiast hoping to age your carefully curated stash or just someone looking for a place to store the spoils of your wine subscription, choosing the best wine fridge for your home and your lifestyle is an important step. According to winemaker Andrew Wilson, the most important factor to take into consideration regarding a wine fridge is the temperature. “Both red and white wine will age well at temperatures held in the mid-50s,” he explains, noting that “keeping wines away from constant light exposure would be another consideration since prolonged exposure could lead to atypical aging.” 

If bottles are kept in a spot with too high a temperature (like a cupboard above the stove), the heat can destroy the flavor. Similarly, if left in too cold an area (like the garage during the winter), you could risk freezing the bottle, compromising the cork, and causing oxidization, which also damages the flavor.

Chris Benziger, a Northern California–based winemaker, says that when he looks for wine fridges, his Goldilocks factors are options that can accommodate champagne bottles, have removable shelving (important for storing magnum and other fun-sized libations), feature interior lights, and have a good seal. Keeping “things airtight is a must for storing wine,” Chris said.

We know choosing the right wine refrigerator for your nighttime treat can be a challenge (there are just so many options!), so we’re here to help. Read on for 10 of the best wine coolers to keep everything from your reds and whites to your rosés and champagnes perfectly chilled. 

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