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The duo behind  Journey + Jacobs Design Studio debuted their first rental property back in October 2021. Because it was met with such success, the pair decided to decorate a second rental property. The creatives took over an early 19th-century shotgun house in the sweet Butchertown neighborhood and converted the ground-floor space into a boutique that sells the products featured on the upper floor, which functions as a well-outfitted Airbnb. Some wares that are available for use upstairs and for sale downstairs include candles, coffee table book stacks, sweet-smelling hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, bathrobes, linens, and a sizable collection of art, some of which is vintage.

The art isn’t the only many-year-old element in the space: The interiors also feature original fireplaces, fluted paneling, marble countertops, and lime-washed walls, all of which are perfectly complemented by the warm contemporary furnishings. Be sure to stroll around the neighborhood for the best morning coffee to be enjoyed on the home’s deck, which overlooks a shady courtyard below. “Our rentals are curated to evoke feelings of warmth, serenity, comfort, and beauty, and the boutique is an opportunity to take those little moments back with you.” Amanda Jacobs, designer and co-founder of Journey + Jacobs Design Studio, explains. “Our visitors can experience living in the space as if it’s their own home, shop from it, and replicate their own version of it into their lives.”


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