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A new health feature for Artemide’s classic work light


INTEGRALIS® can be integrated into many luminaires and lighting systems within the Artemide portfolio. The technology comprises four independent lighting solutions that are used according to circumstances and requirements such as the type of environment, the required intensity of disinfection or the rhythm of presence or absence of people. Tolomeo INTEGRALIS® is, in turn, equipped with the PURE INTEGRALIS® function. The Italian manufacturer could not have responded better to the challenges of our time, with the need for a safe working environment, largely free of pathogens, becoming a significant factor for many since COVID-19. At the classic office desk as well as in desk sharing and coworking environments, in the home office as well as in public areas such as doctors’ surgeries, clinics, hotel receptions and rooms, i.e. everywhere where people come into contact with each other, INTEGRALIS® contributes to a healthy environment – and does so almost incidentally during normal working hours.


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