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4 April 2022
Sustainability in the UK: residential projects | News | Architonic
4 April 2022

A grand gesture, down to the smallest detail | Architecture | Architonic

Dataflex, the Dutch manufacturer of ergonomic workspace accessories, took it upon themselves to develop a cable management solution that not only perfectly sorts lose cables and integrates in the existing interior design they also created the most environmentally friendly cable guide ever! Dataflex wanted their cable guides to be unique, thoughtful, high quality and as sustainable as possible. To meet these requirements, they chose to manufacture them locally. This gave them control and flexibility from the first sketches to the final product. The result is a robust and attractive cable guide with an incredibly low ecological footprint. The series of cable management products are made from 100% recycled PP. Polypropylene well known for its excellent recyclability. It is a material that is both strong and flexible. It is easy to add individual elements or to remove elements from the cable guide. This makes the product very adaptable. Due to its stability and flexibility, the cable guide…

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