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8 Common Wallpaper Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making | Architectural Digest


If the influx of pattern-packed house tours and designer-approved collections are any indication, the wallpaper resurgence isn’t losing steam. But while lining walls with a luscious repeat may bring some texture or visual intrigue into a client’s space, there is a lot of room for error.

Just as room size, layout, and natural light impact which color or finish you select for a paint job, different environmental factors should play into selecting the right wallpaper. One false move or a less-than-perfect repeat can throw off the entire atmosphere. (In fact, the margin of error is so slim that it’s possible to make a wallpaper mistake without fully realizing it.)

Don’t worry, help is on the way. AD PRO asked a handful of savvy designers about the most common wallpaper mistakes—and how to get this statement-making feature looking top-notch.

Mistake 1: Leaving the walls unlined.

“Before installing a textured, luxury wallcovering, it’s important to make sure that you do your homework and hire a wallpaper installer who is well versed in luxury papers. And then take the time to ask him or her about the benefits of lining your walls. [Editor’s note: “Lining the walls” means adhering a layer of paper to the wall prior to wallpaper application. Lining paper can help disguise irregularities in the surface and help protect the underlying wall.] Although not a necessity, lining your walls is always a good idea, and will ensure that the paper lasts even longer.” —Melinda Marquardt, The Vale London

AD100 designer Beata Heuman lines up a pretty pattern in a sunlit interior filled with red accents.

Photo: Simon Brown

Mistake 2: Going all in on the wallcoverings and cheaping out on the installation.

“It is important not to skimp on installation. Use an experienced hanger who knows what they are doing. Saving a bit going with a cheaper installer can mean ruining a whole batch of wallpaper and having to buy it again. There will typically be a corner of a room where the pattern won’t match up, so decide which corner matters the least before you start hanging.” —Beata Heuman

PRO Tip: “If the paper starts to bubble in places once it’s hung, use a syringe to inject a bit of wallpaper paste, and it usually settles down.”


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