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#1 Tip: Take Drawer Organization Up a Notch

If you’re someone who hides clutter inside your drawers, we’re right there with you. To mitigate this issue, Miyaeve recommends using plastic drawer organizers to give everything a special place. “When things have a certain place, it makes it easier to just put it back instead of somewhere else,” she explains.

SMARTAKE 22-Piece Drawer Organizer

Who? Danielle is a Canadian TikToker who uses the app to express her cleaning creativity. Her cleaning content runs the gamut—from laundry hacks to the best ways to sanitize your kitchen sink. You can find it all on Danielle’s TikTok page.

#1 Tip: Don’t Forget About Your Walls

When you’re spring-cleaning, areas like the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen tend to take up most of your time. All of these spaces have one thing in common: walls! According to Danielle, spring-cleaning is the perfect time to give them a thorough cleaning. All you have to do is get out your favorite mop—hers is the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop—wring it out well and, as she says, “go to town.” To clean her walls, she says powdered Tide is the secret ingredient.

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O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

Kaeli McEwen @kaelimaee (8.1M followers)

Who? Kaeli is based in San Diego and began creating TikTok videos in May of 2020. “What I love about using TikTok to share my cleaning and organizational tips would be the influence and motivation it gives my audience,” she says. “The fact I’m able to inspire so many people is amazing!”

#1 Tip: Divide Your Dresser Drawers

“I know how easy it is for drawers to get messy fast,” Kaeli says. To keep them nice and tidy, she recommends using drawer dividers to “keep all your clothes in their place.” Not only do they prevent you from overfilling your drawers, but they also “provide a much cleaner and sleek look,” she says.

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Adjustable Bamboo Clothing Drawer Organizers

Catherine Benson, @catben (9.3M followers)

Who? Catherine is a Kentucky-based TikToker and a self-proclaimed cleaning addict. Her TikTok page is all about connecting with others all around the world and helping viewers see their space in a positive way.

#1 Tip: Use Airtight Containers to Preserve Food

If you’re someone who feels like your food is always going bad, Catherine recommends utilizing airtight storage containers in your fridge and pantry to preserve your products. They’re great for creating uniformity in your space and giving each item a designated place.

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Cereal Dispenser Set

Who? Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ashley began posting content on TikTok in March of 2021 to give viewers tips on creating what she calls “the beautiful home and spaces we deserve.” Her content is designed to inspire viewers and help them get started on their organization process.

#1 Tip: Take Inventory

When it comes to tackling disorganized spaces, the key is understanding what exactly is taking up so much room. “Take inventory of what you have,” Ashley advises. Once you have everything laid out in front of you, group and label each category and place them neatly inside a bin or stackable drawers.

STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers

Who? Brogan creates TikTok content that focuses on what she describes as “the correlation between mental health and cleaning.” Since November of 2021, her videos have given viewers the tools they need for a clean space and a clear mind.

#1 Tip: Buy Fun Cleaning Supplies

You’ll be more excited about cleaning if you use products that make the process fun and easy. Brogan’s go-to is the Scrub Mommy sponge from ScrubDaddy. “Not only are they adorable, but they make cleaning so much easier,” she explains. “They last forever and can be sanitized in the dishwasher and reused over and over again!”

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