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7 Modern Celebrities Who Lived in Hotels


Chateau Marmont is perhaps the West Coast’s most legendary hotel for both long and short term stays, and even native New Yorker Robert De Niro was seduced by the now 93 year old Châteauesque-style structure. De Niro reportedly lived in Penthouse 64 for a couple of years in the ‘80s, a two-bedroom unit that includes a spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, and two bathrooms, along with a private terrace.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston spent large parts of the year living in Bermuda at the Pink Beach Club Hotel in the aughts and their love of the experience was so thorough that they were quoted in The Suite Life, a 2011 book about the experience of hotel living. Travolta emphasized the comfort of the thorough security provided by a hotel, compared with living in a private residence, while Preston most appreciated the communal aspect of hotel life.

David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham, along with the two children they had at the time, lived in a hotel in Madrid back in 2003 when David was first transferred to the Real Madrid soccer team. The expense of the family’s nearly three month stay in a hotel drew tabloid attention at the time, though it seemingly hasn’t dissuaded them from the lifestyle as they reportedly tried out hotel living again in 2013 during a five month stay in Paris.

Keanu Reeves

Following in the footsteps of De Niro, Keanu Reeves lived in Chateau Marmont for four years, in the ‘90s and early aughts before buying his first house just before turning 40. It wasn’t exactly the glamorous scene you’d imagine, according to the actor himself. “It was a little run down. In room 21 there was AstroTurf. You didn’t really want to take your shoes off, but that was its charm. The Chateau Marmont became a kind of home: Thanksgivings, and Christmas, having friends stay,” Reeves explained in the 2012 documentary Sunset Strip. “It felt like my unsafe safe harbor.”

James Woods

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

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