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7 Key Considerations When Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


Commercial buildings are some of the busiest places. People come and go all day, and heavy traffic is always expected. As a result, the floors may need constant cleaning due to the dirt and dust coming in. There has to be a solution to increase the area’s efficiency while maintaining cleanliness and safety. 

One of the most effective solutions for convenient and efficient maintenance for commercial buildings is installing an entrance matting system. These mats trap dirt, dust, and moisture to keep the building’s floors clean with less maintenance. Consider the following key considerations when choosing the best matting solution for your needs.

High Durability 

Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


The matting system will be exposed to heavy traffic, especially in large commercial settings like business centers, offices, and malls. Therefore, you need a matting solution that’s highly durable and strong enough to withstand frequent wear and tear. 

The best entrance matting uk uses only top-grade materials to ensure durability. Experts also install this system to ensure everything fits and works perfectly. The longevity of the mats may depend on the environment and the material quality. On average, rubber and aluminum entrance matting systems can last between 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. 

Safety Features 

Another essential function of entrance matting systems is enhancing the building’s safety. When it’s raining or snowing outside, there’s a higher chance of bringing moisture and water into the area. These factors can make the floors slippery and pose the risk of injuries. 

One safety feature of an entrance matting is its anti-slip function. If the building has polished floors, it quickly gets slippery with little moisture. Passing through an anti-slip mat can prevent accidents. Its surface collects and traps liquid to ensure the footwear of everyone entering the premises is dry. 

Material Used 

Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


The quality of the entrance matting system may vary depending on the materials used. For commercial and industrial use, mats are made with heavy-duty and premium quality components to maximize efficiency. These are premium rubber and aluminum. 

Premium Rubber 

Rubber is best known for its anti-slip feature. A high-grade rubber matting system can also prevent moisture tracks on the building floors, keeping them clean and shiny even during rainy days. Plus, industrial-grade rubber mats are suitable for water-prone settings like semi-enclosed and open areas. 


Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


An aluminum matting system will be excellent if you’re looking for a practical but stylish option. A heavy-duty aluminum matting catches and traps moisture and dirt in a mat base. It can also prevent contaminants from entering the building, making it the safest choice for food establishments and manufacturing facilities. 

Suitable Design 

Aside from performing its safety function, entrance matting should also look inviting. The style is often overlooked, making the mats an eyesore to the space. Choosing a suitable design to match the building’s aesthetics helps make the entryway more welcoming. 

Selecting a suitable matting design for a particular building is simple. You may consult a designer to ensure the mats perfectly match the exterior and interior design. Since the structure’s entrance is a transitional space, it should stay cohesive with the indoors and outdoors. 

Another excellent option for company buildings and business centers is a rubber matting with a logo. It’s a creative way to make your brand stand out while establishing your identity in the space.  

Cleaning And Drying 

Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


Cleaning and drying methods for your chosen entrance rubber matting system are crucial to its maintenance and efficiency. The primary purpose of installing mats is to reduce cleaning time. Therefore, maintaining them should also be convenient. 

Entrance matting for commercial and industrial applications has a moisture and dirt collection system. During traffic, it traps solid and liquid particles to its base, keeping the topmost layer dry and nonslip. For cleaning, there’s no need to lift the mats. A typical wet and dry vacuum is enough to lift the accumulated sludge held in its base. 

Sound Absorption 

Sound absorption is another key feature when choosing the best entrance matting. In a busy space, the sound of footsteps can be distracting. Therefore, it’s best to pick a mat that can dampen the noise. 

A rubber matting system is efficient for sound absorption. Its structure provides a semi-soft cushion for foot traffic, making it more effective for noise reduction than aluminum matting. It’s best used in settings where focus and relaxation are essential.  

Quick Installation 

Choosing An Entrance Matting Solution 


The installation time is another critical consideration when choosing an entrance matting system. In a busy space, haltering traffic can reduce efficiency and productivity. Therefore, you need a matting solution that’s quick to install. 

You can’t lose a day in a commercial or industrial building. Since the entrance is the busiest spot, choosing a matting system with quick installation is imperative. Partnering with a reliable supplier and expert installers is crucial to making the job faster. 


Installing an entrance matting system in a building has many benefits. Although selecting the best type can be challenging, it’s worth all the consideration and evaluations. After analyzing these factors, you can choose the best matting solution to suit your commercial and industrial needs perfectly.


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