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7 Creative Ways to Display Plants and Flowers In Your Space | Architectural Digest


For a big statement, consider a pampas cloud, which is like a flower chandelier. “Looking at them is like an explosion of pampas grass, which is very eye-catching,” Rochelle says, noting that these designs also often have other stems in them to add layers, texture, color, and visual interest.

Usually, pampas clouds are styled as centerpieces, and Rochelle explains that these hanging versions are called 360 clouds since they can be seen from all angles. Alternatively, they can be mounted on walls for homes with less space, in which case they’re referred to as 180 pieces.

Though Rochelle says there is “no limit” to how pampas clouds can make their mark on a home, she explains it’s really common to see 360 clouds in entryways or above a dining room table. “A 180-degree display can be placed above a mantelpiece, above the headboard of a bed, as the focal point of a feature wall, or even attached to a floor-standing mirror,” she offers.

An orange and tan pampas cloud hangs above a formal dining table.

Photo: Rochelle Moseley

Flower baubles

Imogen Stuckes, founder of Flowers by Imogen, says flower baubles or ornaments make for delicate and personalized ways to show off some of your favorite blooms. Somewhat small flowers like daisies, lavender, strawflowers, or small stems of gypsophila work best in these bulbs, as they’re the easiest to put inside. “They can look sculptural, too,” Imogen says. “As if they’re floating in the air.”

She recommends searching for glass baubles over plastic ones, as they tend to look more sophisticated. “I think they look really nice hanging from some branches in a vase, on door or cupboard handles, or on the end of curtain rails,” she says.

Moss and plant walls

Not to be confused with living walls, which are made with living plants and need water and care, moss art or moss walls are relatively easy and low-maintenance ways to add a splash of greenery into a room. They’re made with various preserved mosses and other natural elements and also have great benefits, says Celia White, artist and owner of the Etsy shop, WhiteHausLiving. “This includes purifying the air of toxins, creating sound barriers to rooms, and creating a stress-free feel,” Celia adds.


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