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7 Best Foldable Shopping Carts 2022


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Whether it’s for grocery runs, trips to the laundromat, or simply lugging your belongings from Point A to Point B, a folding shopping cart is one of every city dweller’s greatest joys. Affectionately known by many as “granny carts,” all it takes is a couple of schleps to and from the store with an armload of groceries to realize the necessity and practicality of these carts. (If you’ve ever felt like your arms were going to snap off from the weight of your purchases, you know what I’m talking about… ) And with personal shopping carts becoming increasingly popular, new innovations throughout the years have made them even more user-friendly, with many now including removable bag liners, covered inserts, and wheels made to help you up a flight of stairs with a bit more, er, grace. Below, we rounded up seven of our favorite foldable shopping carts designed to make your next grocery haul a breeze.

Sarah M. Vazquez

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