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6 Essentials to Help You Unlock Your Home’s Spiritual Potential, According To Witch TikTok


Focus on things you can use and interact with, more than what looks the part. “Put things in your home that make you want to grab [them] and use [them],” says Honey. “Everyone likes to have a decorative piece. But when it comes to your practice, it’s a practice. You’re supposed to use things. You don’t want things collecting dust.”

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Amethyst Ethically Sourced Tumbled Stone

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Handmade Ceramic Cauldron-Stoneware

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Copal & Sage Smudge Kit with Palo Santo in a Moroccan Geode Encrusted Glass Jar

4. Choose objects with their own spirit

Anytime you’re adding to your home—whether it’s supplies for a spell or just a new shower curtain—you can select materials, colors, and scents that help elevate your spiritual relationship.

“Even in my bathroom, I have certain colors that keep me grounded,” says Lammar. “I wanted to make sure I got red [bath] mats, so that whenever I’m coming out into the world, the first thing that my cleansed and cleaned body hits is the power color.”

Being in tune with nature is another important touchstone of many spiritualists’ practice. “To make my home feel more magical, I try to bring the outside in,” says Dea. “I also gravitate towards art pieces with natural motifs—I have a lot of botanical art and I also collect insect artwork and sculptures.”

Avoid artificial and mass-produced objects as much as possible, in favor of anything organic, natural, and original, Yadira says. And, if you can, shop local. “Going local is always great,” she adds. “It keeps the energy of the home really happy.”

“It’s obviously not always possible to find original artwork for financial reasons, but if you can, it’s definitely energetically better,” she says. “But also, paint your own artwork! If you really want a beautiful piece of artwork, and you can’t afford it, just paint something dedicated to your home. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, because you are the masterpiece, you know?”

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Coyuchi Mosaic Canyon Organic Bath Rug

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Kobo Heath Lavender Candle

5. Let your home’s spirit guide you

If you’ve lived in enough places, Yadira says, you begin to understand that a home has a spirit and personality of its own. And you can tap into its energy to help guide your decorating decisions about what to bring home and where to put it.

“I think a lot of people unfortunately interpret the experience of their psychic abilities as something very complex,” she says, “and it could be as simple as feeling warmth in a certain area of your body if you ask your home a question.”

If you’re not sure where your own spirit ends and your home’s begins, ask the spirit of your home to step outside of your body. “No matter how you use the term, whether it’s your orbit, your aura, ask [the spirits] to take a step back,” Yadira says, “they respect boundaries way more than humans do, ironically.”

Take a beat to experience your spirit on its own, Yadira says, “and then at that moment, you can ask the spirit of the house to step back in, and you’ll feel the difference, and you’ll understand the energy of the house a bit more.


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