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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

5 Ways to Design Your Office for Growth


As a business owner, you have to pay close attention to your office layout design. The office layout sets the tone for the kind of work environment you want and also affects the productivity of your employees. What kind of vibe are you looking for? Do you want a buzzing and collaborative atmosphere or a quiet and personalized office space? All of these questions need to be addressed and answered before locking on any layout. 

You also need a layout that can be altered and updated. Businesses are changing and evolving every day and your office space reflects the kind of operation you’re running. So, using temporary fixtures like modern office partitions, movable glass walls and office room dividers are a smart option. These temporary fixtures are effective, affordable, and fast replacing permanent fixtures. How you use them is what you need to figure out. Here are examples of 5 modern office layouts you can consider. 

Open Office Layout

As the name suggests, this layout comprises an open layout. This layout is preferred by creative firms and businesses which require an interactive workspace. There are very few walls and dividers; however, movable glass partitions are used to create private offices and conference rooms in such a layout. If you’re looking to create a fast-paced work environment then this is the layout for you. It should be noted that this layout can be distractive and noisy. Also, this layout can compromise the privacy of your employees. Using movable partitions to create private spaces are easy ways to solve these issues. 

Co-Working Office Layout

Ideal for startups and small businesses. Co-working offices are shared spaces. These office spaces are rented out to businesses as per their requirements. Spaces can range from a desk to an entire office floor. If you’re starting off your business and are hesitant to invest in a stand-alone place, a co-working office space is a good option. The great thing about these spaces is that they take care of a lot of amenities and facilities. They feature flexible workspaces and are great for last-minute client meetings and networking. The problem with co-working offices is that there is absolutely no privacy and they are prone to phishing and cyber-attacks. This is a considerable temporary option for startups and small businesses. 

Team Cluster Office 

Ideal for businesses that rely heavily on employee interaction. This is a very specific office layout that also uses an open floor plan and eradicates private spaces. The layout is designed for employees to easily communicate with each other. The disadvantages of this layout are the same as an open office design. 

Cubicle Layout

The oldest and the most effective office layout that exists till today. It must be noted that cubicle layouts are effective because they provide employees with a personalized workspace that allows them to express themselves much more easily and in an effective manner. A cubicle layout also creates a quiet work environment. If this is what you want then a cubicle layout is an effective layout. The only disadvantages of a cubicle layout are that they inhibit employee interaction and require more carpet area than other layouts. Using glass walls is an easy way of allowing employees to interact with each other. 

Hybrid Layout

You can choose to experiment and mix up these different layouts to create a hybrid layout. If you are looking for a customizable office layout then this is your best choice. Fusing different layouts can allow you to create a dynamic work environment that addresses all the issues of individual office layouts. The issue with this layout is that it is going to remain a customizable structure and not settle into a permanent structure. It does not seem like an issue but it is something that needs attention when figuring out the right layout for your business. 


Now that you have a clear idea about different layouts, you can have an idea of what might work for your business. If you’re looking to set up an office in Florida then we offer our expert advice on choosing the right layout. We also offer the best deals on all kinds of modern office partitions. Call us at +786 557 5017 to take a step closer to figuring out the ideal office layout for your business. 

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