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5 Vintage Hollywood Homes for Sale That Once Housed Tinsel Town’s Brightest Stars | Architectural Digest


Old Hollywood homes for sale are shining a much-welcomed light on vintage real estate, which is seeing a massive resurgence on the current market. And no matter their style, those who consider themselves arbiters of style tend to have an affinity—or at least an appreciation—for anything vintage. Whether it’s a colorful skirt from Gianni Versace’s first collection or a 1980 Eero Saarinen Tulip armchair, there’s something enticing about pieces that have survived both the era of mass production and the evolution of trends. However, when people consider the realm of vintage, real estate rarely comes to mind, but homes erected more than a quarter of century ago are just as—if not more—alluring than a piece of clothing or furniture. What’s more, vintage homes whose former residents were members of Hollywood’s elite carry a certain charisma that new-builds don’t. 

Luckily for anyone with a soft spot for glamour, the Golden State is rife with Old Hollywood homes for sale. Linda May, estates director of Hilton & Hyland, explains, “They are collectors items, like a piece of art. It is about acquiring something special and rare. We are in a period right now during which people want to make a statement about who they are, and the lifestyle they want to live. Having a famous architect attached to a home—Paul Williams, John Woolf, Wallace Neff, James Dolena—adds another level of exclusivity because these estates are one-of-a-kind and simply cannot be duplicated today.”

May has handled quite a few of the Hollywood homes for sale, including the Georgian-style Beverly House that hosted only two families—Barron Hilton’s and Jay Paley’s (whose family founded the Columbia Broadcasting System)—in the 86 years it’s been standing, and it sold for $61.5 million over the summer. She also handled the sale of the Hearst Estate, an iconic mansion that was featured in flicks such as The Godfather, The Bodyguard, and Beyoncé’s Black Is King. Regardless of the celebrity who lived there, people will pay top dollar for real estate whose storied rooms have housed Hollywood royalty. These five California bungalows just hit the market, but we have a feeling they won’t be there for long.


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