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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

5 Types of Modern Office Partitions You Need to See



Like everything else, the modern office layout needs to be constantly updated and modified. For entrepreneurs and business owners it is imperative that they keep their businesses and offices in tune with the latest trends. This constant need to evolve and change has almost eradicated the concept of permanent structures in office interiors.  Stressing on durable, affordable, and obviously easily dismantlable, the modern office space is divided with the help of movable partitions.  These partitions use different materials and serve different purposes within the same workspace. Through this article, we will give you an insight into the top 5 modern office partitions and how they affect your business. 

Demountable Office Walls

demountable office walls

The perfect alternative to a drywall system, the biggest benefit of using demountable partitions is that they are easy to install and dismantle. Perfect for building new workspaces. Finishes include wood, laminate, fabric, paint, or glass. They are affordable and can be repurposed. They help create a silent workspace. Frosty glass films allow you to increase privacy and create personal offices. Demountable partitions generally use aluminum but using steel systems makes them more durable and environmentally friendly. 

Frameless Glass Partitions

frameless glass partitions

The most popular and widely used office partitions, frameless glass partitions are used in almost every office layout. They can be easily installed and are perfect for creating additional spaces and workspaces within your office. They are very aesthetically pleasing and impart a very good look to your office. Glass partitions allow you to bring down the noise and create a more efficient work environment. They also help in creating a brighter office space. 

Cubicle Wall Partitions

cubicle wall partitions

Cubicle wall partitions have been used for many years. They are integrated into most office layouts. They help create a more functional office environment. Employees feel a greater sense of privacy and can express themselves freely in these 3-wall structures. They also help create an equitable work environment, where everyone is given the same amount of space.

Free Standing Office Partitions

free standing office partitions

They help in creating a flexible work environment. They allow employees to get used to working in a variety of spaces rather than one. They help create an equitable work environment and allow employees to freely interact with each other. Freestanding office dividers are mainly preferred in glass or aluminum. There are a variety of other materials you can choose from depending upon the purpose. 

Wood Partitions

wood partitions

Using wood is more expensive than glass, however, it does have a classy look to it. Using wood partitions allow you to create a silent and aesthetically pleasing office layout. Using wood frames is also a good option to add to your workplace. They are perfect for private offices. 

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