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15 February 2023
4 Innovative Fintech Office Designs
15 February 2023

5 clever tips to make the most of your small office space –


You might not have the pent house office suite of your dreams (yet) but don’t fret, your workplace can still look great. Work with what you’ve got, and maximise your office space.

Below are some top tips for making the most of your small office space, staying adaptable and being creative!

Floor plan

An office floor plan is a drawing of your office space, to scale. Whilst this may seem like an extravagance, a floor plan will show clearly what will and won’t fit into the space. You can play around to see what works, prioritising the most important items. It will also show you how much space you have to grow as your business expands. Floor plans are also very useful for contractors to work from.

Drawings are presented as a CAD or DWG file and usually in 2D. To help you visualise the space, a 3D render might be advisable.

If you are renting an office, there is a chance that a the landlord or previous tenant might have a drawing they are happy to send you, so make sure to ask.

Smaller desks

This tip might seem obvious, but companies often have a set idea of how much desk space everybody needs. It’s suprising how much space you can save by downsizing from 1600×800 desks, to a 1200×800 whilst still maintaining a perfectly adequate work area.

If your company has adopted a hybrid working policy it’s also likely that not everyone is in the office at the same time. Do you need a desk for each individual, or would shared desks or a ‘coworking’ area work?

Downsizing doesn’t mean losing that design aesthetic either. Many of the best designer desks come in a wide range of sizes to suit all spaces.

small office space


Clever storage

Storage has come a long way since the traditional filing cabinet. Luckily there are plenty of options out there.

Lockers have been a popular option in many of our recent projects. Available in different sizes and configurations, lockers allow each member of staff to still have their own, private storage space. Lockers can also be placed flat against a wall (taking up less useable space) or used as a room divider.

If you want something more adaptable, there are plenty of options which combine storage with excellent aesthetics. Shelving, lockers, boards, cupboards – some even have planters!

If your employees need more individual storage space, under desk pedestals remain useful and have lots of configurations. Some have wheels for easy movement, cushioned tops to double up as a pull up seat, or with rails for hanging coats/bags.

small office space

Adaptable and modular furniture

Modular furniture is adaptable and easily reconfigured, perfect for a small space. Need to upsize or move your space around? Then modular furniture will fit your needs.

There are lots of modular seating options available, from auditorium type seating (including storage) to soft sofa seating which can be rearranged to suit each occasion.

Need a white board, which also has storage? Done. Need an acoustic screen, which also doubles as a hot desk? Done. Investing in furniture that can do more than one thing will help you make the most of your space.

Priviglaze Privacy Glass Look Book

Meeting pod, phone booth or acoustic sofa?

If your office is on the smaller side, it’s unlikely you will want to build any walls, or even permantly designate an area specifically for meetings. This is where meeting pods and booths can be really useful.

Available in lots of different sizes these clever, self contained units can be used for meetings, quiet work or making phone calls. Privacy within open plan spaces is often overlooked and easily solved with a booth. It’s also possible to dismantle and rebuild wherever you go next, so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment should you move.

If a whole room isn’t required, then acoustic sofa pods often work just as well as a meeting space whilst still offering privacy. They’re cosy, available with power, lighting and monitors and there’s lots of beautiful colours and finish options to choose from too.

small office space

Love Your Workspace has been creating innovative spaces for over 15 years. If you need help maximising your small office space, send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.


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