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19 August 2022
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5 Amazing Office Designs Outside London


With the number of professionals choosing to move out of London increasing steadily in the wake of the pandemic, many businesses have also started to develop their regional offices by relocating away from the capital. Many businesses can now look further afield and opt to relocate to areas which offer greater value for money.

Cities like Birmingham and Manchester have become hubs for growth, especially in the technology sector. The lower living costs and improved liveability in other major cities in the UK are making them more attractive to workers, creating a larger talent pool in these areas. Major businesses and start-ups alike are taking advantage of cheaper operating costs outside of London, with the cost of office space away from the capital also proving attractive.

The cost of London office space has led to increased market activity in cities such as Reading, Cambridge and Leeds but with the arrival of new ways of working and commuting 5 days a week becoming less of a necessity, companies are taking advantage of a much larger search radius and cheaper rates outside of London. Despite cutting on costs for prime real estate, offices outside of London don’t have to compromise on design. Here are five amazing office designs located outside of London.


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