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4 Innovative Fintech Office Designs


What is the future of fintech office design?

Fintech companies are realising that they don’t require the same level of real estate as they had pre-pandemic. The expectation is that fintechs will mirror tech giants like Meta and Twitter in their re-evaluation of their real estate and start ‘shedding’ their office space to reduce costs.

The reduction in company real estate portfolio will lead to more affordable prime commercial real estate and will require businesses to re-assess how they use the remaining space. However, time in the office may increase for fintechs as calls for companies to spend more time in the office are becoming more common. Companies are prepared to retain a balance of remote work but are seeking to bring people together more often.

The future of the workplace is becoming increasingly personalised and with the rise of different working practices, companies will need to be forward-thinking with their office space if they’re to attract and retain top talent. While working from home is expected to last, this will push fintechs and other sectors to invest in their workplaces to provide value and a differentiator for their people.

The future of fintech office design will be people centric and the office will be designed to provide a variety of workstations to foster both collaboration and focus-based work. The array of workspaces will give staff a choice on how they use the office. It will be designed to elevate the user experience, to provide a sense of belonging to employees, to foster company culture and identity.


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