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31 August 2022
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4 Impressive Patent Attorney Office Designs


GlobalData’s Patent Analytics database reported that the number of patents granted globally in Q1 2022 represented an 8% year-on-year growth. With the increase in technology and the continued growth of global industries, the expectation is that patent attorneys will continue to grow.

The talent pool in the legal sector is running low and competition is at an all-time high so legal practices are looking for advantages to help them lure talent into their organisations. Legal companies have already started to address salary rises as part of new strategies to win the war for talent amidst a talent shortage in the sector. While some companies are committing to raising salaries at NQ level, not all are moving towards increasing pay for junior lawyers. To keep pace with the competition and attract top talent into their organisations, investment in the workplace is providing extra value to new candidates.

The days of private cellular offices and rows of desks are now in the past for many legal firms in the City. Patent attorney firms are leading the way in embracing hybrid working and designing inspiring modern workplaces for their staff. Legal firms are starting to blur the traditional lines, creating environments that celebrate old traditions while embracing new cultures and working patterns. From fully flexible workspaces to tea points and scenic views, here’s a selection of our most impressive patent attorney office designs.


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