Ethanol Fireplaces – Alternative for Wood Fireplaces? 
23 February 2022
RCKa designs Nourish Hub to tackle food poverty in London
23 February 2022

20th TURN ON Architecture Festival

As in the past, the festival continues to present ambitious architectural projects while informing on essential topics related to the contemporary building landscape. The festival thus acts as a mirror to current events in the field, but also acts as a platform for critical reflection on currently relevant questions within the building industry. Within the lecture programme, selected projects are presented, different meta-levels of architecture are explored and practical, pragmatic as well as political questions around the subject of our built environment are discussed. The overarching theme of TURN ON 2022 is ‘Architecture creates Identity’. The programme includes established speakers, younger, up-and-coming Austria architects, as well as international guests from Paris, Berlin and St. Gallen.

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