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About the brand: Serena & Lily is a brand known for its simplistic “California-cool” designs favored by customers who lean towards a coastal aesthetic, and their Border Frame duvet cover definitely fits the bill. This particular cover is made with luxurious cotton sateen, is Oeko-Tex certified, making it 100% eco-friendly, and is “expertly woven by the world’s best textile artisans” in Portugal.

My experience: Right off the bat, I loved the look of this duvet cover. It was simple and elegant yet had a nice touch of color from the sky blue border. It was super easy to get on my queen-size duvet, even though the sizing for this cover was made for both full and queen. At first glance, the material looks as if it is going to be super soft to the touch. However, it was just a tad more rugged than expected. But this definitely did not make it uncomfortable whatsoever. After a good eight hours of shut-eye (okay… maybe six), I’d call my overall experience with the duvet cover very positive. It kept me cool throughout the night, which mostly has to do with the fact that it isn’t super thick.

The bottom line: I would definitely recommend this duvet cover from Serena & Lily, if it’s in your price range. The material is top-notch, its design is simple and versatile, and most importantly, it’s comfortable. You won’t be sacrificing sleep over style. 

Ettitude Signature Sateen Duvet Cover

Tester: Sophia Herring, associate editor

My sleep preferences: My ideal sleep situation is a cool room under soft, cozy sheets that keep me warm but not overheated. I’ve had sensitive skin for my whole life, so materials are something I’ve always had to pay attention to.

About the brand: Ever since its beginnings, Ettitude has offered ethical, environmentally friendly cotton-alternative products, like their Signature sateen cover in 100% organic bamboo. I’ve heard many fellow bedding enthusiasts sing bamboo’s praises. After one sleep, I’m fully on the bandwagon. It’s unbelievably soft, the equivalent of 1,000 thread count in feel. And because it doesn’t overheat and its hypoallergenic properties, my skin is loving it.

My experience: The duvet cover was easy enough to take on and off. I was wary of the material at first touch. It felt like silk, which in my mind translates to way too hot. I was pleased to find that the alternative wasn’t, and was indeed the best of both worlds. For the color, I opted for the slate stripe pattern, which is both fun and classic.

The bottom line: If you’re like me and just want to feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud, these duvet covers are highly recommended. And beyond that, for hot sleepers, those with sensitive skin, or those who just want to make a more sustainable choice, give Ettitude a shot for sure.

Sijo Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

Tester: Audrey Lee, commerce writer

My sleep preferences: Loves a duvet year-round, partial to natural fibers.

About the brand: Sijo is an AAPI-founded brand started by two ex-tech company consultants who have been friends since middle school (you may already be privy to the brand’s very cooling eucalyptus sheets). In addition to partnering with the Joyful Heart Foundation to donate a percentage of sales to help sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, the brand is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it only uses nontoxic processes to produce its offerings of linen and eucalyptus-based sheets, loungewear, duvets, and duvet covers.


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