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16 Best Organic Comforters for Sustainable Sleep


Here at Clever, we’ve long been in search of the best eco-friendly bedding around, and if you ask us, organic comforters are some of the best options to start with. Why the struggle? First of all, finding high quality bedding at a reasonable price is difficult on its own (one of the reasons so many direct-to-consumer start-ups have tried their hand in the space), and adding in sustainable specifications can quickly send costs skyrocketing. Besides, there’s a lot of confusing language and branding around manufacturing practices that can make purchasing decisions even more difficult.

At a time when so many of us need a comfortable, serene space to sleep and recharge, we decided to revisit the topic of sustainably manufactured bedding. So if you prefer lightweight to heavy or eucalyptus over wool, we’ve got the perfect natural material cuddle companion for you. To help guide your bedding journey, we’ve rounded up the best organic comforters best suited to help you hide under the covers. Sweet dreams!

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