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15 Picture-Perfect Backdrops for Rustic Living Rooms: Wood, Stone and Glass


Living room style is a topic that tends to divide opinion among most design aficionados with some preferring the neutral modern approach at all times and others in favor of more specific and varied styles. There is absolutely no doubt that an elegant, modern living space with a neutral backdrop offers a plethora of advantages. It is easy to work with, allows you to shift between accent colors (and even décor pieces) with ease and you can incorporate other styles and influences whenever needed. But defined styles like farmhouse, rustic and industrial have their own mesmerizing charm. Today, we step into the world of beautiful rustic living rooms to find out what makes them so very special!

Amazing mountain views enliven this magical rustic living room in glass and gray!
Amazing mountain views enliven this magical rustic living room in glass and gray! [From: Centre Sky Architecture]

If there are two styles that have found a new lease of life in the last decade, they’re industrial and rustic. Modern-rustic style combines beautiful elements of the classic rustic design with a touch of modernity and smart functionality to bring together the best of both worlds. And often, it is the eye-catching backdrop in these rooms that really gives them their unique appeal. Be it stone, wood or even glass, this is a look at 15 such gorgeous rustic living rooms with backdrops that wow!

A Stoic Presence

If you are looking for ways to bring rustic charm to your living room, then there is absolutely no better way than a stone wall. Stone walls are one of the most basic elements of the style and they look surprisingly great when combined with more modern finishes. The last few years have seen homeowners once again invite stone into their homes wherever possible and it offers great visual and textural contrast. In most modern-rustic living spaces, the dashing presence of stone comes with either an accent wall or a stone fireplace – both great choices that create a striking focal point.

Classic mountain cabin look coupled with a gorgeous stone fireplace in the rustic living room [From: On Site Management]
Move away from the traditional stone usage in the rustic living room [From: K. Donavan]
Natural stone fireplace is a great addition to any rustic living space [From: Bijl Architecture]
Brilliant blend of stone and brick in the spacious, double-height fireplace [From: Ahmann Design]

Textured Woodsy Charm

Rustic style is all about natural, unpolished finishes along with a cozy ambiance that feels connected with nature. Few elements capture this essence of the style better than wood at its charming best! Everything from reclaimed wood planks and accent walls in rustic wood to rough-hewn beams and exposed wood ceilings can make a big impact in the rustic living room. Each of these elements offers something exceptional and when balanced with more modern features, you get a living space that is both trendy and enduring.

Woodsy ceiling brings rustic touches to this modern living room [From: CM Natural Designs]
Modern-rustic living room in wood and white [From: Houzz]
Reclaimed pine wood panels for the modern rustic living space [From: Enterprise Wood Products]

Glass Brings in the Views

Where stone brings a stoic, immovable presence and wood adds comfort and inviting warmth to the living room, glass ushers in modernity and also invites in the views that truly make a space spectacular. Completing the trio of elements that make for the most beautiful backdrops in rustic living rooms, glass lends visual lightness and a touch of sparkle as well. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are the most obvious choice in many rustic living spaces as they usher in unabated views on offer. But do not miss out on smart corner windows, clerestory windows and sliding glass doors as you look for ways to brighten the living room.

Delightful glass walls and windows bring the beautiful outdoors inside in this rustic living space [From: Vail General Contractors]
Finding a balance between modern and rustic elements in the living room [From: TGS Homes]
Gorgeous use of glass along with wood and stone in the rustic living space [From: Highline Partners]
The scenery outside makes the biggest impact in this small modern-rustic living space in neutral hues with stone fireplace [From: Dillard-Jones Builders]
Woodsy warmth combined with glass creates a more light-filled and cheerful living room [From: SAV Digital Environments]
Bright and modern rustic living room of Sacramento home with a view of the golf course [From: Stephanie Russo Photography]

A living room background crafted using wood, stone and glass is the way to go for those who want a rustic living room that is both relevant and ageless.


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