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Material: Hardwood frame, fabric upholstered headboard

Bed frame reviewer: MacKenzie Chung Fegan, contributing writer

What attracted you to this bed frame? I’ve traditionally been Team Headboard, but when I moved in with my now-spouse three years ago, I made peace with her minimalist, metal frame platform bed. But after years of wear, our bed was giving out, creaking and wobbling and damaging our hardwood floor with an overtaxed center post. In contrast, Burrow’s Circa frame looked sturdy and solid—and I was eager to have a headboard back in my life.

What was the delivery and assembly like? Things got off to a rocky start! My bed frame arrived in three boxes—the headboard in one, the frame itself split between the other two—each over 50 pounds. I unboxed the pieces on the ground floor and was able to carry each piece individually up two flights of stairs without much of a problem. The top, bottom, and side rails of the bed fit together by inserting a tooth on one piece into a slot on the other (I am not a carpenter, can you tell?), but when I started assembling the frame, it became clear that I had been sent an incorrect part. One side rail had teeth where the slots should be and slots where the teeth could be, making it impossible to attach to the top and bottom pieces.

I emailed Burrow customer service on a Saturday evening, heard back on Tuesday, and my replacement part arrived by Friday. Once I had all the correct pieces, it was a cinch to assemble—that Japanese-inspired joinery locks right into place. It could conceivably be a one-person job if not for the fact that you have to flip the entire frame over, which definitely required spousal assistance. As someone apt to lose that little IKEA hex wrench, I appreciated that assembly required no tools, with the exception of one screw which I tightened with a quarter. The whole thing took about 15 minutes.

Did the bed frame live up to your expectations? It was just as advertised. I ordered the oak frame with a headboard in Papyrus, a light taupe color with a subtle sheen. The frame feels sturdy and stable—no more creaking—and elevates my mattress slightly higher (24″) off the ground than my previous frame. Overall, the minimalist design and solid wood construction makes me feel like I finally have an adult bed.

How would you rate the sturdiness of this bed frame on a scale of 1–10? I would give it an 8/10 in terms of sturdiness. It’s my first frame made of solid wood, and certainly compared to a metal or particle board it feels stable, like a bed of substance. Because of the interlocking joinery, there are no screws that might loosen over time (aside from one that holds the center post in place) and have to bear the weight of two sleeping humans plus sometimes a dog.

Would you recommend this bed frame to a friend? I would recommend it, but with some reservations. One of the side pieces did arrive with a noticeable ding on one corner. This isn’t a Burrow-specific problem, however—when ordering any piece of bulky furniture online, you run the risk of it being damaged in transit, and judging from my customer service experience, I’m sure Burrow would quickly send a replacement.

I think most will be pleased with the purchase. The bed isn’t flashy. The headboard colorways are all muted tones, and there are no extraneous flourishes to the frame. A statement piece it is not. It’s ideal for those who want their bed to do its damn job, but otherwise kind of blend into the background and not fight for attention with their high-quality patterned sheets.


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