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25 February 2022
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25 February 2022

11 Black Creatives on What Home Means to Them


Byron: “One commonality that comes to mind growing up and spending much of our childhood in Black—more specifically, Caribbean—households, was the extent of decorations (furniture, artworks, wood carvings, et cetera) that were brought over from the homeland and prominently displayed throughout the homes. The authentic approach to keeping natural connections to our roots was always evident.”

Dexter: “I have always cherished the saying, ‘Home is where the heart is.’ For me, home must always be a warm and honest place to find peace with oneself and to share lasting moments and memories with our nearest and dearest loved ones. In a world with so much conflict, our homes have the potential to be the most natural setting for introspection, rejuvenation, and replenishment.”

Byron: “Home should be a place of refuge, a sanctuary of sorts. A well-considered home should be comfortable and reflect the personal taste, travel finds, and family heirlooms of all of the inhabitants.”

Dexter: “My family and I have been living at the acclaimed Moshe Safdie–designed residence, Habitat 67, for 13 years. As a family, we are also consummate travelers. We are so fortunate to have visited so many interesting places, and, consequently, our home is very well adorned with several mementos and souvenirs from our travels. Naturally, there is no question that sharing a home with three strong women and girls often lends a softer, warmer, and more feminine touch to our interior.”

Byron: “I have always been very much into investing in home furniture and artworks that can be enjoyed personally, while also setting the foundation for building a collection. I have a profound appreciation for mixing vintage furniture with unique home decor accents collected from around the globe. I have developed a keen eye and balance for unearthing design treasures from vintage resellers, while at the same time sourcing directly from makers and artisans… Always finding gems that are meant to be valued and used every day, and then passed down for future generations.”

The dining table inside Nialla LeBouef’s apartment.

Photo: JC Calubayan

“In 2020, when the city shut down, and local haunts became vacant houses haunted by memories of normalcy, I began to think about home more than ever before. The house I grew up in was a place of deep creativity and excitement. Tangible representations of Blackness surrounded me and took the form of albums, toys, video cassettes, books, and magazines. I never felt I didn’t see myself, but I simultaneously didn’t feel safe. When I could move, I made a silent promise that I would inundate my space with things that made me happy, for there was no one to judge them but me.


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