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31 August 2022
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10 Dorm Room Decor Ideas For Any College Student


Just because you’re living in a college dorm doesn’t mean you can’t put a little creativity and design into your space! Decorating a dorm can be challenging. I mean, let’s be honest — they aren’t exactly known for being cute. Also, you don’t have much free space to work with, but with the area you are given, you can definitely have some fun!

All you need are a few key pieces to get started and add some pretty decor. We’ve rounded up some dorm room decor ideas that can totally transform a boring dorm into a stylish home.

Dress your wall with decals

Sure, you’re not going to go all out and wallpaper your dorm. But you can get some stylish decals to add to the walls and make your space a little less boring and a little more you!

pink cheetah wall decals
Photo Credit: Amazon

Cozy bedding

Probably the most important part of your dorm room is the bed. Make it a cozy space and beautify the room by splurging on some pretty and comfortable bedding. After some late-night studying, you will love to jump into your bed!

cozy bedding dorm room
Photo Credit: husbandforhire_warrixdesign via Instagram

Photo wall

With fairy lights and some of your favorite photos, you can make a stunning photo wall that will make you feel right at home in your space.

girls dorm room with lights
Photo Credit: Dormify

Photo banner

If a photo wall is not your style, you can opt for something simple and sweet, like a photo banner. You’re not limited to hanging photos from it; you can include inspirational messages, reminders, or mementos from home.

photo banner
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Add a rug

Cozy up the space with a plush fluffy rug. You will love stepping out of bed in the morning onto a high pile rub — plus, it will make the room feel less like a dorm and more like your childhood bedroom.

dorm room
Photo Credit: dormify via Instagram

Hang up curtains

Nothing will make a dorm room feel less like a plain old box than adding some curtains. Before drilling into any walls, you will have to check and make sure that this is ok. If drilling into the walls to hang a curtain rod is not an option, you can always use a tension rod inside the window frame.

college dorm boys room
Photo Credit: artfullyeditedbyamy via Instagram

Add a lamp or two

Good lighting is key to brightening and making any space more cheery, so make sure you bring a pretty lamp or two along to college with you.

happy face neon lamp
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Set up a reading nook

If you have the room for it, get a stylish chair and set yourself up a little reading and relaxing area. This will give you a special spot away from the bed to do some homework and relaxing.

Photo Credit: millcreekmall via Instagram

Get creative with storage

Try and maximize your storage by being creative with your furniture. Get nightstands that have drawers or doors to keep mess concealed. You can also get a headboard organizer with shelves that will give you more space to store items.

dorm room girls bedding
Photo Credit: bristolpinnacle via Instagram

Mini pegboard wall

Creative and cute storage that also acts as decor, like this mini pegboard, are great additions to a college dorm room. Hang one of these above your desk and outfit it with all your must-have essentials.

mini peg board
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

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